ConfigrMgr – The complete Backup (currently)

Motivated from my attend at IT/Dev Connection in Las Vegas, I wanted to create my complete Backup from ConfigMgr so far.
Because I was required to copy a lot of work from other people together, I decided to create a blog with each detailed step to achieve a fine Backup at the end, and I will start from the beginning, until we have reached our goal:
SQL Backup Maintenance
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SCCM 2012 – Compliance Settings, really?

Hey, here’s Martin, did you ever come to the Point, where you should implement compliance Settings in System Center 2012 Configuration Manager (Artist formerly known as “Desired Configuration Management”)?
And further, did you also thought, how to get all of those compliance Settings? Microsoft publish the so-called “Security Compliance Manager” which will be the Support to achieve our Goal! Continue reading

SCCM – SCUP Database with multiple users

Hey, here’s Martin again 🙂

When you use System Center Update Publisher together with System Center Configuration Manager (even 2007 or 2012), you will get to the Trouble, that when multiple Users want use SCUP, they all got their own Database in their Profile Directory.  This means, that other users don’t see, which Updates are already been published by another user.
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SCCM 2012 – Application detection with Powershell … and code-signing

With System Center 2012 Configuration Manager, we all know it, the new Application model was released. As long as you deploy MSI, the detection method, is very easy to define. But what, if you want to check a registry key, as needed with .Net installations? No Problem. What, if you want to check if the Installation was successfull with a VB-Script? It’s that easy (Look at this very good Blog Post about the Topic to deploy the App-V 5 Client: And with a Powershell script? Uhm… Yes surprisingly, the block of scripts also applied to the detection method, and honestly, in my home environment, there is absolutely no doubt to decrease this behaviour below AllSigned, my home is my Castle 😉 I need to code-sign the script! Continue reading

SCCM 2012 – Install Console on remote client

Update June 9 2013: See new SP1 post:

Because the RC2 entry about the Installation of the System Center 2012 Configuration Manager Console is often read, I will give an update to the final.

It is now well documented and still very easy: (Refer to “To install a Configuration Manager console from a command prompt”)

To make it short: Use the following paramters to install the console, the installation files still resides in “[SCCMInstallationDirectory]toolsConsoleSetup”, take both, the AdminConsole.msi and ConsoleSetup.exe:
"ConsoleSetup.exe" /q TargetDir="%programfiles%SCCM2012Console" EnableSQM=0 DefaultSiteServerName=FQDNSiteServer

Those three parameters are necessary. For uninstall, just choose the product code from AdminConsole.msi.

SCCM 2012 Create Media – createmedia.exe Command line usage

We needed to create a Full Media, for an USB installation. So as you can imagine, the size of a Standalone Media exceeds normal limits. In this case, the media file, that should be created, was 11 GB. In Sytem Center Configuration Manager 2007, it worked like a charm with the wizard, to create a Standalone Media directly on a USB stick, and so should it works on 2012 too. Unfortunately Continue reading