SCCM 2012 R2 – Include Client Hotfix or Cumulative Update while on OSD

Refer to this Blog post, I decided to create a new one about including Hotfixes in OSD. Specially the new Release of SCCM 2012 R2 brings an annoying issue with extremly slow Downloads while on OSD ( ; this Hotfix superseding the KB2905002 which was first used in this blog).

There are two nice ways, how to apply Hotfixes like this to the Client while on OSD, one is documented and thus supported, the other one does just work 🙂 Continue reading

SCCM 2012 – Get from Content ID to the Name of an Application with Powershell

Hey there, here’s Martin again.

Today I needed to get the Name of an application based on a Content Id from the ContentTransferManager.log:
CTM job {6B767521-D8A8-410B-A572-AF4F6AFD4457} (corresponding DTS job {1EFC1FD9-C3B1-4B25-B879-18EC8F5CD152}) started download from ‘http://$FQDN_DP/SMS_DP_SMSPKG$/Content_b6256e4e-0278-4264-8e7c-b8fea60684d5.1’ for full content download.
ContentTransferManager.log Continue reading

SCCM 2012 R2 – Windows Phone 8.1 Compliance Rules

Today I looked for the new security settings for iOS 7, which are available through the new Windows Intune Extension “iOS 7 Security Settings”, so a searched for Screen, to see, what Options are available:
Windows Phone 8.1 Compliance
But because I don’t know what was available before, and I don’t want to compare the compliance Settings before and after enabling the extension, I just decided to make something different from writing a post about the new iOS 7 security possibilites. But right before I closed the compliance rule browser, I noticed an interesting Detail, did you noticed it too? Let me Highlight it for you: Continue reading

SCCM 2012 R2 / BYOD – Deploy Exchange Active Sync Profile with Windows Intune

It was announced, and I was strongly waiting for it: The availability to deploy EAS profiles to Mobile Devices like iOS and Windows Phone 8 with Intune and System Center 2012 Configuration Manager R2. Microsoft brought us this Feature last week like a wave, you will be noticed that your Intune Instance is updated, if you receive this message box when starting the config Manager console:
Intune Extnesion Continue reading

SCCM 2012 – Compliance Settings, really?

Hey, here’s Martin, did you ever come to the Point, where you should implement compliance Settings in System Center 2012 Configuration Manager (Artist formerly known as “Desired Configuration Management”)?
And further, did you also thought, how to get all of those compliance Settings? Microsoft publish the so-called “Security Compliance Manager” which will be the Support to achieve our Goal! Continue reading

SCCM 2012 SP1 – Report Builder not available

Hey, here’s Martin again.

Today I faced the Problem, that I wasn’t able to start the SQL Report Builder on a SCCM 2012 SP1 infrastructure, the following error message appears:

The Report Builder click-once application does not exist on the report server ‘$FQDN Primary Site Server’. Ensure that the report builder application manifest exists on the server and try again. Continue reading

SCCM 2012 SP1 – Cumulative Update 2 released

Microsoft has released the second cumulative update for System Center 2012 Configuration Manager SP1.
The Installation process from the CU2 was changed a Little bit, and more Linux distributions are now supported by SCCM:

See the blog post from Ronni Pedersen about installing CU2: