Intune – Deploy required user settings to Windows 10 with powershell

In this blog I would like to describe, how I managed to set required user settings to Windows 10.
Since I still do have an On-Premises environment, in which also File Servers reside and a DFS Namespace is still up and running, I wanted to make sure to get the advantages of using the local network.
So here are my two use-cases to solve:
1. Add a Network location for the DFS Path if the user is logged on On-Premises
2. Modify the local “host” file, to redirect the workfolder clients to the file server internally
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Azure AD – Remove Registered Device

Today I was asked how to remove a registered Device from the Azure Active Directory, for all of those asking, what is a registered Device, see this Azure Article, and you can automate this step for your users, if you are following this Azure Article. But what if you would like to remove the registered Device of a User? You can do that through the Portal:
Azure AD Remove Device trhough Portal
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Active Directory – Create Printer Queue with Powershell

Today I needed to create a lot of Print Queues in a Remote Domain, which I thought it should not be that hard with all the cmdlets given from Microsoft. But with my first shots with some cmdlets and also with the usage of my preferred Search engine, I could not find a working solution throughout PowerShell to create Printer Queues. I found other people with the same needs, but with no solution and I found a working VBScript, but I needed to put the Block into a PowerShell script, rather than executing a VBScript out of PowerShell.
After a lot of trying and understanding, I could get a Script working:
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Windows 10 – Stop PhoneHome or elsewhere

On this page you will find the Information about the Stop Phone Home Powershell Script.

What does the script for you?
It helps to set privacy settings in an automatic way with a simple solution like a Powershell Script.
Some of those settings are also available through GPO, but some are not. The following picture shows the GUI for changing the settings through the “Trusted Windows Store App” Settings (available through the Startmenu):
Settings App

The software Process Monitor from the Sysinternal Tools ( was used to extract the Registry Keys which are modified by the settings app.

How do you use the script
You have to start it with at least one parameter or the script will be terminated:
Script no Parameters

To see all Parameters with an short explanation, just use the get-help cmdlet, insert the script and add “-detailed”:
get-help script

The script determines if it is running with local administrator permissions, if those are not available, the script will not execute the machine settings, even if those parameters are used.

Where do you find the most recent release
In future, I will always update this post, and add the new Script here:

Do you miss a setting?
If so, please get in touch with me via twitter: