Windows 10 1703 – Remove Universal Windows Platform (UWP) Apps

DON’T Do THIS! Use AppLocker instead! Do not remove any apps from the image

Hi reader,

I would like to share my script to remove windows universal apps, which I have tried to make it simple as possible.
First let me explain, that there seems to exist two different types of Apps which reside within the Windows 10 Image. You can list them with Get-AppxPackage and Get-AppxProvisionedPackage (you need Administrator permission to do so):

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ConfigMgr – Create Office 365 Package through Console

Today I would like to show you, how you can easily create and deploy an Office 365 Application within Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager Console.
Within the ConfigMgr Console navigate to the “Office 365 Client Management” Dashboard, and click on “Office 365 Installer”:
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SCCM 2012 R2 – Remove old Hotfix packages – Quickpost

Hi Reader, here is martin 🙂
have you installed the new Service Pack for your infrastructure?
Was you lazy as me when you have installed the Hotfixes for R2, you did not delete the old ones?
Now you have more than 10 Packages in you Config Manager Hotfix Folder?
You don’t want to delete them manually thorugh the console?
Just use this small PoSh command to remove all Hotfix Packages (mind to delete the Folder on your CM Installation):

Get-CMPackage | where{$_.pkgsourcepath -like "*SMS_S01\hotfix*"} | Remove-CMPackage Continue reading