Windows 10 settings management with Intune

When a journey ends, a new journey will begin. My journey with the old school domain joined and GPO managed devices within my LAB ended, and I finally conquer new areas with Azure AD join and Intune controlled devices. Due to the lack of opportunities, I still waited so long, because a lot of settings were not possible to set. And some of them are still not that simple to set through Intune, but there is a solution for, I would like to say, most of the requirements.

So within this blog post, I would like to document my current knowledge of Windows 10 settings management through Intune. As today, we have the following options to configure GPO alike settings through Microsoft Intune:

  • Intune Windows Enrollment settings
  • Intune Portal blade settings
  • Intune Portal Custom CSP settings
  • Intune ADMX-backed administrative template settings (Preview)
  • PowerShell Script
  • Let’s have a closer look to the different options.
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    SCCM 2012 – Malware detection E-Mail Alert

    In System Center 2012 Configuration Manager, it is easy to configure a E-Mail Alert, when malware is recognized on a system which is protected by System Center Endpoint Protection.

    Your first step, is to configure a proper connection to send the E-Mail. Navigate to your Central Administration or Primary Site, and open Configure Site Components to chose Email Notification:
    Configure your settings and send a Test-Mail: Continue reading