ConfigMgr 1602 – All devices are part of the same server cluster

Hi folks,

we are on the way, it will finally happen: We will be able to serve Clusters with System Center Configuration Manager and it’s update functionality. With the new released current branch 1602, a new feature called server cluster maintenance coordination was added to ConfigMgr, it comes close to a Cluster Aware updating solution. You will find it on the General Tab of a collection named “All devices are part of the same server cluster”:
ConfigMgr Cluster Aware Updating
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ConfigMgr – Create Device Collections based on Windows 10 Build


You might come to the same spot, where you would like to split your Windows 10 devices into different collections based on the Windows 10 Version. I will show to you, how easy you can achieve that, but let me say first, that this could be implemented from Microsoft Out-Of-The-Box.
If you are using System Center Configuration Manager Current Branch (CB) and Windows 10, you will have a nice Windows 10 Servicing Dashboard within your Software Library, to open it, just click on “Windows 10 Servicing” within the Software Library:
Windows 10 Servicing Dashboard
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SCCM 2012 – RBAC: Add computer to SCCM

Hey, here’s Martin again.

You often come across to the requirement, that you have give access to users to the System Center 2012 Configuration Manager Console, that they can add new Computers to the Hierarchy to stage them with a Task Sequence. They only have to add them to a specific collection, nothing more: with Role based Administration not a problem. But when you try to achieve this, you will often end up, that the users will have rights on the All Systems Collection, which you want to avoid when you Managing multiple sites or Servers and Workstations together. The Magic is behind the limiting collection. Continue reading

SCCM 2012 SP1 – Task Sequence Collection variables not applied

Recently I set up my lab with the brandnew SP1, so I decided to go everthing on 2012, as it is supported since SP1 to use SQL Server 2012 as database backend. So I installed two Windows Server 2012, one with SQL Server 2012 and one with SCCM 2012 SP1. After all was running fine, I wanted to check a use case, which is often required: To get an Operting System Deployment which language is set by collection variables. Business as usual… Continue reading