Windows 10 – Troubleshoot Intune Multi App Kiosk Configuration

This is a short one: While you will find plenty of blogs how to configure a Windows 10 Kiosk Device, I was not able to find a very important information:
Where can I find Information, if starting an app within a multiple App Kiosk configuration fails. And it’s that simple:
Open Event Viewer and go to Microsoft\Windows\AppLocker, there you will find more Information about the process that fails to start:

Hope this helps 🙂

4 thoughts on “Windows 10 – Troubleshoot Intune Multi App Kiosk Configuration

  1. Just curious, how do you even open Event Viewer on an Intune Multi App Kiosk?
    There’s no Run, no start menu, etc. available.

    • You can also go to switch user and logon with an account which is device admin (like a global admin account). You will not have a locked desktop with this user.
      In the start menu you will be missing stuff like “Settings” but when you click on the search icon, you will see a couple of pinned apps which also includes the Settings.

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