ConfigMgr – Create Office 365 Package through Console (Part 2…)

According to a recent Post from mine (Part 1), here are my issues with the System Center Configuration Manager addition. As you can see on the following print screen, ConfigMgr detects the Language of the keyboard:

And it means it does also write this setting to the XML file:

But unfortunately, there does no de-CH Office exist, and the download succeeds, but the installation afterwards will fail with an unclear error message:
This installation requires a compatible Microsoft Office program installed on your computer.

Make sure that you adjust the language setting within the corresponding XML file, and download the Office 365 package manually through the “setup.exe /download” switch.

Do not try to change the language within the wizard, this will result in a crash of the console:

Please vote on this uservoice topic, to get attention from @djammer:

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