ConfigMgr – Create Office 365 Package through Console

Today I would like to show you, how you can easily create and deploy an Office 365 Application within Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager Console.
Within the ConfigMgr Console navigate to the “Office 365 Client Management” Dashboard, and click on “Office 365 Installer”:

The Installer wizard will start immediately and ask you for a name and a source location of the Application. The wizard will download all required files to this location you specify:

As you can see, I want to create a package for the Current Channel with Version 1702. After a click on “Next”, you can decide if you want to configure the client settings, or to import it from a previous XML File:

The following step of the wizard let you select the Office 365 Suite and which Applications should be installed with the Package. In my case, I selected to not install the OneDrive for Business Sync with Groove:

Afterwards you can configure the settings of the Office 365 installation, you can even create a RDS installation with the option “Shared computer activation”. It seems that the wizard has an issue with the language adding, in my case I always received an error message and I was not able to add a different language.

The wizard asks you afterwards, if you would like to deploy the package already, I decided to not deploy it:

Afterwards you will see the summary, where you can check your configuration:

With a click on Next, the download will be initiated:

The wizard will download the Office 365 package in the same way as you would do through the setup.exe manually:

And here you can see the XML created from the wizard:

You can monitor the download, the PatchDownloader.log for the wizard will reside within the “temp” directory of the user that executes the wizard. In my case the path was:
The wizard will create a single Application for the Office 365 Suite:

As you can see, the Uninstall command is missing, no one wants to uninstall Office 365 🙂
And here is the “official” Office 365 detection Method from the ConfigMgr Team:

You can distribute the Application to your distribution points and deploy the Application to a collection.
This wizard is quite buggy yet, I had several crashes for creating the Application, but it will easily create the source files for your Office 365 Package.

5 thoughts on “ConfigMgr – Create Office 365 Package through Console

  1. but you can create only one installer. if you want to do a second one and say exclude outlook you have to send it to another folder and redownload all the office files again. seems like a waste of space having multiple office folders with the install files in when you can have only one

    • This is true, but the space is only wasted on the Source directory, on on the Distribution Points (as long as you don’t use the option to distribute application like packages).

  2. Hi,

    thanks for your guide. Three questions:
    – Whats the best uninstall command?
    – How to get a silent install?
    – How to set the document format during the installation?


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