Microsoft MCSE Certifications

Hi Reader,

today I would like to share my knowledge about the MCSE Certification Path, if you got one already. This means, in my case, I’ve got the MCSE: Mobility (without a year at the end):

But I can also achieve the MCSE: Mobility 2017:

So if you go ahead, and check what it’s required to get the MCSE: Mobility 2017, you may find this overview:

And you will click on “External Cert” and read it carefully, but you have no idea what’s next. Because you fulfill all requirements, except the external Benefit Qualification. A click on the Link tells you to contact a regional service center. And I did this, and would like to share what I found out:
To be able to achieve the MCSE Mobility 2017, you are required to pass one of those three exams at the bottom in the year 2017.

So the exam 694 which I have done is not from 2017, I need to pass 696 or 398 in 2017 to gain MCSE: Mobility 2017.

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