RMS Sharing App Error 0x800704cf

Hi Reader,

this is a small one: I had an issue when I tried to use the RMS Sharing app. Always when I used the Sharing application, I got the following error:
0x800704cf the network location cannot be reached
Unfortunately I haven’t saved a Screenshot of the error Message. But I could not find any information on this topic. The only thing I was thinking about was: Why does the error tell me, that the sharing app can’t connect to a network location.

But then I reminded myself, that I had an On-Premise Installation of AD RMS, and I might haven’t shut down correctly, since it is in my LAB, this can happen sometimes. I went on a Domain Controller and opened ADSEdit.msc to checked the Service Configuration of “RightsManagementServices”. And there was an entry for my Onpremise RMS Service, in which I could find an URL that was no longer available.
I just deleted the Child of “RightsManagementServices”, so the Container remains empty:
Be sure that you know what you are doing, when deleting entries like this! (btw: I just deleted it, because I was sure that my RMS is gone)
Afterwards, the RMS Sharing App worked like a charm.

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