Azure AD – Remove Registered Device

Today I was asked how to remove a registered Device from the Azure Active Directory, for all of those asking, what is a registered Device, see this Azure Article, and you can automate this step for your users, if you are following this Azure Article. But what if you would like to remove the registered Device of a User? You can do that through the Portal:
Azure AD Remove Device trhough Portal
Or you can use PowerShell to do that!

To be able to remove Azure AD Devices, you must have installed the current Version of Microsoft Azure Active Directory Module for Windows PowerShell, which is currently (Released at 15. August 2016), even it is a GA Version, you can find the download on the Connect Portal: Download Microsoft Azure Active Directory Module for Windows PowerShell

After the Installation you can search for a Device by using Get-MSOLDevice:
Get-MsolDevice -Name 'DESKTOP-RB004TR'
Azure AD Remove Device with PowerShell Get-Device
And you can delete a Device by using Remove-MsolDevice:
$devID = (Get-MsolDevice -Name 'DESKTOP-RB004TR').DeviceId
Remove-MSOLDevice -DeviceId $devID

Remove-MSOLDevice -DeviceId (Get-MsolDevice -Name 'DESKTOP-RB004TR').DeviceId
Without the Force switch, PowerShell will ask for confirmation before deletion:
Azure AD Remove Device with PowerShell

One Word of caution: When you are searching for the string “Download Microsoft Azure Active Directory Module for Windows PowerShell” you will might find yourself on an Microsoft site which is translated, in my case it was german, and the last Update was from January 2016:
Azure AD Documentation Update
If you know how often things change in Azure, I would believe that this page is outdated in terms of information, but unfortunately, the page also directs you to an old Microsoft Azure Active Directory Module for Windows PowerShell where the cmdlets like Remove-MSOLDevice are missing. I gave feedback to Microsoft through the Webpage, hopefully they will update this page, and I think that other languages can be affected as well.

2 thoughts on “Azure AD – Remove Registered Device

  1. Ciao Martin

    If you follow this process as you describe below, what happens with the user ‘profile’?

    Will this AAD user profile removed after delete the device or when I would rejoin the same client, the end user would receive the same profile?
    Do you have some experience for this kind of scenario?

    Thx, Ákos

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