SQL 2016 – Export Maintenance Plan

Since I started to back up my System Center Configuration Manager Site within a SQL Maintenance Plan, I wondered how I would be able to export this Plan. To be able to restore the plan quickly, in case of failure, I wanted to export the maintenance plan. This starts by installing the Integration Services from the SQL Setup:
SQL Integration Services

After the installation the setup requires you to restart the System, but it will not force the system to a reboot. When the Integration Services are installed, you can open the SQL Server Management Studio:
SQL Server Management Studio
If you are missing the Management Studio on a 2016 Machine, this is normal, it does not come with the installation media. Refer to this Microsoft MSDN site to receive information and the download ling for the Management Studio 2016: Download SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)
When the Management Studio is loaded, select “Integration Services” and add the Servername:
Integration Services
Within the Object Explorer, Navigate to your maintenance plan, right-click on it and select Export Package:
Export Maintenance Plan
You can then select a Location where the Package should be stored:
Maintenance Package
You will now have a reimportable package of your maintenance Plan, you can even reimport the same maintenance plan:
Integration Service

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