ConfigMgr 1606 – Configure Client Cache Size (Configuration Manager Current Branch)

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the newest Version of System Center Configuration Manager Current Branch (1606) is rolling out these days with a lot of new features and opportunities. But one of my favorites is definetly a very practical one: How often would you like to easily change the configured Cache size of a Configuration Manager Client? Not that much, but it does happen. In the past, we were required to set a new Cache Size value with WMI (a VBScript or Powershell would have done the job), but with 1602 you can now configure the Cache size with the clients settings:
Configure Cache Size configmgr

You can find the Client settings within the Administration section, and you can configure it on the Default settings or on specific settings which you then can deploy to collections:
client settings

This is a perfect example how Microsoft reacts to customer feedback on their uservoice:

How can we improve Configuration Manager?

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Control cache size using client settings

It would be nice to be able to control the client cache size settings using the client settings policies. This way you have a simple way to increase it if you have a package which is larger than the initial deployed size.

This means, if you see some possible improvements, look within uservoice if somebody already mentioned this, if this is not the case, add it as suggestion. Either ways, spread your idea.

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