Office365 – Manage Updates through Configuration Manager

Today I had the problem that some clients were failing to install the Client 365 Package from our System Center Configuration Manager (1602). I have set up the configuration for the Office 365 installation through GPO, this process is outlined on the following TechNet Article: Manage Office 365 client updates with System Center Configuration Manager
But the client did not even start to download the update:
Office 365 Update fails

I then checked the DataTransferServer.log and found the following error:
DataTransferService.log error

DTSJob {AF9F1697-4680-4BA9-A386-BB6D0E1AB03A} in state ‘DownloadingData’. DataTransferService 15.07.2016 14:45:14 11488 (0x2CE0)
DTS job {AF9F1697-4680-4BA9-A386-BB6D0E1AB03A} BITS job {D570298C-4133-4306-9814-F64B813F3D79} failed to download source file$/c1f4bd6a-3b93-4f97-be77-a74811d0538c/Office/Data/16.0.7070.2026/ to destination C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\OfficeC2R2DC7895A-79AC-49DB-9DC9-8967C3131339\ with error 0x80190194

In the usage of web Transfer-Errors, the code “0x80190194” simply means a 404. This was leading me to check the URL given:$/c1f4bd6a-3b93-4f97-be77-a74811d0538c/Office/Data/16.0.7070.2026/ to destination C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\OfficeC2R2DC7895A-79AC-49DB-9DC9-8967C3131339
I could open this URL, and I recognized that there is a File called, but not I remind myself that I had only downloaded the English language of the Office 365 Client Update, but had missed to download the german version. After downloading the Patch again with the German Language enabled, the client found all required files to download, and the installation was done afterwards.
Mind to download all the languages you are using for the Office Updates.

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