Looking for an Microsoft Management Event in Europe? Attending the SCU Europe!

Maybe you are still looking for a good Microsoft Management Convention within Europe, and haven’t found it? Then I have a good suggestion for you: consider to attend the System Center Universe 2016 in Berlin.
SCU 2016

Why you should attend SCU? Let me point out:

1. The technical level of most of the session are 300 or even 400, no fear of sitting in a Marketing session (otherwise marked as Sponsor session)
2. It is still in the Center of Europe, so you may have, or may have not a short travel to go there 😉
3. You can connect to most of the speakers in a simple way
4. The amount of attendee was always right the past years, not too many, and even not too few
5. The last years, WiFi was perfect, I personally hope they can deliver it in Berlin aswell
6. Last but not least: The Parties where you can get in touch with speakers

And I should also mention, that the food was fine the past years.
So I know that Marcel Zehner (follow on Twitter) will do his best, and I’m sure, this will be a blast!

You might also want to follow the SCU Account on twitter: https://twitter.com/SCU_Europe

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