ConfigMgr 1602 – Windows 10 Servicing Plans create continuous Software Update Groups

I was running the Service Plan for the Windows 10 enrollment within System Center Configuration Manager 1602 (Current Branch).
Unfortunately the option the use the same Software Update Group over and over again is missing:
Missing Option

The missing option is often used with the Automatic Deployment Rules (ADR), where you can configure to add the found updates to an existing Update Group:

But without the opportunity to “Add to an existing Software Update Group” you will end up with an update group and a deployment pointing to the collection every time the service plan was running. Please vote on uservoice to tell Microsoft they should add this option to the service plans aswell:

How can we improve Configuration Manager?

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Windows 10 Servicing Mode and ADR settings

Since updating to SCM 1511 the new Windows 10 Servicing mode has no option to 'add to an existing Software Update Group'.
Also the Automatic Deployment Rule properties tabs do not exist altogether as they did pre SCCM 1511. Yet they all exist for the Windows 10 Servicing Mode.

Always keep in mind to check uservoice if you see an improvement to ConfigMgr, maybe someone had already posted it, then you can only vote for it, have a look:

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