ConfigMgr – Create Device Collections based on Windows 10 Build


You might come to the same spot, where you would like to split your Windows 10 devices into different collections based on the Windows 10 Version. I will show to you, how easy you can achieve that, but let me say first, that this could be implemented from Microsoft Out-Of-The-Box.
If you are using System Center Configuration Manager Current Branch (CB) and Windows 10, you will have a nice Windows 10 Servicing Dashboard within your Software Library, to open it, just click on “Windows 10 Servicing” within the Software Library:
Windows 10 Servicing Dashboard

So, it would be great, if we could just click on the Version that is of interest for us, and as like as on the SCEP Dashboards, a new collection would be opened, with all the Devices. If you also think that this would be a benefit to the ConfigMgr Console, please Support my suggestion on the official Configuration Manager feedback uservoice:

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Windows 10 Servicing Dashboard: Make it clickable

When I go to the Windows 10 Servicing Dashboard, I got a nice PieChart of the Windows 10 Clients and their Version.
But when I click on the PieChart, nothing happens. It would be great to have the same experience on this Dashboard like on the SCEP Dashboards.
That means, if I click on the PieCh…

But now, let me come back to my header, that is telling, how you can create collections for this purpose by yourself. You may question yourself, how you can get a reliable information about Version, Builds and cumulative Updates for Windows 10, then this Link may help you:

You will find all the Information, that is required to create collections, based on your requirements. Mine is quite simple, I want to create Collections, based on the Windows 10 Version. I go ahead, and create a new collection named Windows 10 1507, even the first Release was often called RTM, official use would be 1507, see the following picture:
Windows 10 1507
So the new collection is called “Windows 10 1507:
Create Collection
Then I add a Query based rule to the collection, with the Options as shown in the following Picture:
Create Windows 10 Build Query
This query is based on the Hardware Inventory of the ConfigMgr Agent, so be sure to have the Inventory up and running!

This query is not based on the Hardware Inventory:
Windows 10 Build Query

Hope this helps

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