Windows 10 – Language Packs localization for Built-In Groups

Since the deployments of Windows 10 take more and more steam on, new adventures are rising up. The last one I’ve seen, was the fact, that a deployed Windows 10 Enterprise 1511 en-US with included language packs is ending up with localized named Built-In Groups, when selected another User Interface, than en-US.

You might say, no problem with that, but in my opinion in some circumstances it is quite more easy, to be able to use the same group named “Administrators” on all Machines, instead of using an SID. Anyway, I could not find any explanation about this topic, and may someone comment what I’m doing wrong, or respond me on twitter (Tweet).
I’m using a very simple unattended file:
UnattendFile windows 10
I used the same structure within System Center Configuration Manager and variables for years now, and never faced this issue on a Windows 7 or 8 deployment.
I also checked the setupact.log and can determine, that the values from the unattend.xml gets applied:

But all the Built-In Groups are localized in German, so I’m ending up with a group named “Administratoren” instead of “Administrators”.
Is something wrong with my configuration, or is this a new behavior with Windows 10? Might someone can help me out on this, or can clarify that it happens to them aswell.

2 thoughts on “Windows 10 – Language Packs localization for Built-In Groups

  1. Beispiel wenn 4 Sprachen (EN, DE, FR, IT) im WIM File integriert sind


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