ConfigMgr 2012 R2 SP1 – Windows 10 installed on X:

You are looking for a easy solution, to get a wim-File, copied directly from the Microsoft source, installed to the Computers drive C:? Here you get it!

I just recycle my BlogPost for the Windows 10 Release, because I did encounter quite the same Problem, but I’m ending up with the installed Windows on the Drive Letter x:.

Only a simple Change to your Task Sequence is needed, that those Image Installations will successfully be applied to the System drive C:.
Just add a “Set Task Sequence Variable” Action to your Task Sequence with Name OSDPreserveDriveLetter and value False. You can select this variable from the existing variable list:
Preserve Drive Letter

And with this, you can use your configuration as before. I normally use a variable, which is set, when the harddisc is formatted. Edit the Partition you want to assign the variable:



And in the “Apply Operating System” Action, the variable is then used:


Hope this helps 🙂

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