ConfigMgr – Application Virtualization with Windows 10

This is a short one:
Today a tested around with Windows 10 and App-V 5 SP3, and I ran in troubles very fast, nothing was working. Even the Application Discovery did not work anymore, the logged errors were:

WMI Query [Select * from AppvClientConnectionGroup where IsEnabledToUser = TRUE] failed, error 80041024 AppDiscovery 10.12.2015 15:55:19 8108 (0x1FAC)
AppVPackageQueryClient5X::GetConnectionGroupsData() failed. (0x80041024) AppDiscovery 10.12.2015 15:55:19 8108 (0x1FAC)
MethodWrapper::GetConnectionGroupsData() failed. (0x80041024) AppDiscovery 10.12.2015 15:55:19 8108 (0x1FAC)
CVEWorker::EnumVirtualEnvironments() failed. Error: (0x80041024) AppDiscovery 10.12.2015 15:55:19 8108 (0x1FAC)
VEProvider::CreateInstanceEnumAsync - failed (Error 0x80041024). AppDiscovery 10.12.2015 15:55:19 8108 (0x1FAC)

At first, I tried to read the specific WMI tree, but I wasn’t able too, so I started to look for the newest App-V Version available, and to my surprise, the Application Virtualization Version 5.1 was already released in August 2015 (
And on this page you will find the information, that:

Windows 10 is not supported in versions of App-V prior to App-V 5.1.

After updating my App-V Client to the newest version, everything was working as expected again.

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