Implement Microsoft Windows Store for Business and Windows 10 Mobile

Today I would like to show you how the newly available Microsoft Windows Store for Business works, and how you implement it for your Windows 10 Mobile users.
The most interesting part for Businesses with the new Store is the fact, that end users do not longer need a Microsoft Account (which is the former Live-ID or MSN Account long time ago), instead they can download and install applications from the store with their Organizational or what I would call them with the Azure Active Directory Account.
To activate the Business Store for your Azure Tenant, you will need to have an Account with the Global Administrator permission (Source). With this account, you can go on to this Location and sign-up for the Business Store.
If you don’t have an Azure Tenant yet, you will be required to create one.
After you have created your Business Store or also called Private Store, you can assign Role Based access to different users within your Azure Tenant, the three Roles that are available are the following (Source):

  • Administrator
  • User Administrator
  • Billing Administrator

The are two main scenarios, why you would use the Microsoft Business Store, the first is the deployment of your own Line of Business (LoB) Apps, and the second to handle the financial Situation for Store Apps required by your users. To import LoB apps, you can directly invite a developer with their Microsoft Account:
Invite Developer Microsoft Business Store

Now you can start to add your first Store app to your Business Store, you can even select free apps aswell as apps for which you are billed for. Simply use the Search Store section of the Administration Portal:
Business Store add application
If you have selected your Business critical Application, in my case it is the TaucherInfo, you can click on “Get the app”:
Get the app
Afterwards the wizards asks how the app will be distributed, in my case I select to distribute the Application to all users:
Distribute App
The Business store will then show you a message, that the process was successful, and that the app has been added to the private store. The overview of the distributed apps can be misleading with the status, but the most important information for you is, that it can take about twelve (yes, 12) hours until your app is shown up in the Business Store (Source). So this screenshot is quite appropriate for the first half day:
Add in Progress
You can also change the name of your private Store, so as I did. But be aware, my experience is, that if you change the name, all the apps has to be readded again (this is done automatically), which means you have to wait again around twelve hours until the apps are visible. The name will change within a hour I would like to say.
Change private Store name

Let’s see what is happening on the Windows 10 Mobile Device, you have to open the Settings App and go to “Accounts”. When you have opened Accounts, select “Work Access” and you should end up in the following screen, where you have to start to sign in to Azure Active Directory by tap on “Add or remove a work or school account:
Sign in to Azure AD
In the following screen tap on “Add a work or school account” beyond the “Account used by other apps” section, the name of the section already shows, that it could also be used within an app like the normal Store app.
Add Account
After the Azure Sign-In it is time to open the Windows 10 Mobile Store, and open the settings, in the lower section, tap on “Sign-In”:
Sign in to Azure AD
Afterwards the store app will ask you with which type of account you want to login, just select your recently added Azure Account:
Store Account selection
After you are logged in, a new section appears within the settings section of the app:
Business Store appearance
And if you are waiting long enough, the distributed apps will appear in this opened overview, but in my case, it took longer than those twelve hours. And here is the result:
Private Store

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