SCCM 2012 R2 SP1 – Windows 10 Mobile Management

Hey Reader, yesterday I received my brand new Microsoft Lumia 950, and here is my unboxing video: (hahaha…. ;))
No, not really, but, here are my experiences when it comes to manage a Windows 10 Mobile Device with System Center 2012 Configuration Manager R2 SP1, and I have also installed the latest cumulative Update (at the moment CU2).
So I took the Phone and connected it to my WiFi to be able to access the Internet for enrolling the Device with Intune, which worked perfectly as before on my Windows Phone 8.1:
Windows 10 Mobile Intune enrollment

After this was done, I expected to receive all my settings, that I have configured within SCCM for my User, this means I should receive my Exchange ActiveSync Profile, my internal PKI Root Cert should be added to the Certification Store of Trusted Root Authorities, with the SCEP Profile the mobile should request and receive a Certificate for my user and last but not least, the VPN connection should also appear. But guess what, nothing was coming in. I tried to update the Policies on the mobile Device several times, but those settings wont show up. After a while, I reminded myself about the Option “Supported Platform” of the Compliance Settings, and there it was, I had to add the “Windows 10 Mobile” as supported platform:
Supported Platforms Windows 10 Mobile
After I added the Windows 10 Mobile as a supported Platform to all my settings, it took less than 5 minutes, and my mobile device was getting all those settings, and even the VPN was working with my certificate:
Certificate01 VPN Connection

So, everything that is working with Windows Phone 8.1 does also work with Windows 10 Mobile, Microsoft did also pointed that out on the TechNet Article to the R2 SP1 Release:
You can now manage Windows 10 and Windows 10 mobile devices that are enrolled with Microsoft Intune. All existing Intune features for managing Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 devices will work for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile.

Happy Windows 10 Mobile enrolling to everybody 🙂

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