Windows 10 – Stop PhoneHome or elsewhere (V0.9)

Hey reader,

my script gets soon a Number at it’s first position. But for now, I stay below the Majornumber 1, even there are some huge additions.
Lets start with the new Help Text, which can be used with the normal get-help command (you may recognize the “-examples” parameter):
get-help .\Windows10_NoPhoneHome-V0.9.ps1 -examples
Powershell Script Examples

And in this Version, the title of the blogpost is also true, because the phone elsewhere setting could be represented from the Peer-to-Peer update feature. This setting allows clients to send and receive Windows Updates from Non-Windows-Update-Server:
Peer-To-Peer Windows Updates
See this question on the Microsoft Answer Portal for more (or more confusing) Information about this setting, and which value could be the right one:

You can use the script also, to defer Updates which is possible on Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise Versions. The process of deferring updates is not really outlined from Microsoft, because they are only talking to this setting only defers the updates for some month, rather than forever. So be aware when considering to use this setting, Microsoft may bring more Information about this topic later:
Windows 10 Defer Updates

To start the script, open a powershell session, navigate to the containing folder, and as an example simply type:

.\Windows10_NoPhoneHome-V0.9.ps1 -DisableAccountInfo $true -DisableCalendarForApps $true -DisableMessagingForApps $true -DisableSyncWithDevices $true -DisableWindowsFeedback

Start Script

You might have seen the yellow text in the screenshot, which tells you, that the script is not started with an account that has administrative privileges. Those permissions are required, because some settings are machine related, rather than user like the most of the settings. The machine settings are outlined within the Help, which you can easily access with the get-help term.

If you have other settings discovered, which could be useful to disable, please get in touch with me here in the comments or on twitter:

And here you can find the script:

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