Windows 10 – Stop PhoneHome or elsewhere (V0.7)

Hi there,

after some discussions about the home phone functionality of Windows 10, I looked for a tool, that does the work for me if needed. But some of them just replaces the Built-In settings with another Spyware (or whatever the correct name would be).

So I decided to create a powershell script, which is reusable by other, and simple to understand, because it is easily readable.

To start the script, open a powershell session, navigate to the containing folder, and as an example simply type:

.\Windows10_NoPhoneHome-V0.7.ps1 -DisableAccountInfo $true -DisableCalendarForApps $true -DisableMessagingForApps $true -DisableSyncWithDevices $true -DisableWindowsFeedback

Start Script

You might have seen the yellow text in the screenshot, which tells you, that the script is not started with an account that has administrative privileges. Those permissions are required, because some settings are machine related, rather than user like the most of the settings.

The available parameters can be seen in the parameter section at the top of the script, and there is also a short description of the setting.

If you have other settings discovered, which could be useful to disable, please get in touch with me here in the comments or on twitter:

And here you can find the script:

I just have added after the valuable feedback of the following to the Script:
-Verbose Logging
-The -DisableAll Parameter

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