SCCM 2012 R2 SP1 – Application Management Policies for Android and iOS

Hey, here is Martin serving you with some new Information about the MAM (Mobile Application Management) Features in the SCCM 2012 R2 SP1 Release.
There is a new section in the Application Tree of the Software Library wunderbar, it is called “Application Management Policies”:
Application Management Policies
So, what can you do with this? The same like in Intune, finally! That means you can now wrap your applications in an application Container, to use it afterwards with the Application Management Policies. The process of wrapping an iOS Application is outlined in this TechNet Article:
And for android Apps you can find the documentation here:

If you have wrapped your app, it is now time to create the first Application Management Policy, click on “Create Application Management Policy”:

The first and second Screen of the Wizard simply asks for a Name of the AMP and which type, thus I don’t Show this Screen. But the second Screen is quite important, because here you set the actual policies:
Application Management Policy

If you now ask yourself, how to deploy the Policy, because there is no deploy Option, if you right-click on the policy:
AMP Settings

This is because you have to deploy the AMP when you add a wrapped application to SCCM, as outlined here:

When a deployment type is created for an app that requires an application management policy, Configuration Manager will recognize that an app management policy must be linked to this deployment type when the associated app gets deployed and prompt you to associate an app management policy. For the Managed Browser, you will be required to associate both a General and Managed Browser policy.

Hope this enlightens some IT-Crowds 😉

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