SCCM 2012 R2 SP1 – New Intune Features: Block Apps natively and deploy a iOS custom profile

Hi there,
finally I got time to check, which new Features was brought to us System Center 2012 configuration Manager guys with the R2 SP1 update. My interests were on the iOS and Windows Management. And for both of them, some nice Features were added.

Blocking Apps
The availability of blocking Apps is now supported through the normal configuration, rather than using OMA-URIs as before ( You can create a Configuration Item with the specific Settings:

Block Apps wizard
You might noticed the difference between iOS/Android and Windows Phone. Currently it is only possible to Block Apps on a Windows Phone Device, for the other Devices, only the state will be reported (if they are compliant or not), referring to .
The following Screen in the wizard is for all the platforms the same, thus I only Show it once.
Block Apps
As you can see, you can select allowed or Blocked Apps, and afterwards, you have to add the applications. You can add them one by one or using the Import Button to Import the apps with a csv-file.

iOS Custom Profiles
With the iOS Custom Profiles it is possible to configure the iOS Devices with the Apple Configurator ( This Piece of cr.. eh I meant beauty only runs on an Apple Device (which means no Windows, no Linux). When you have created your Apple Profile, you can start by adding a configuration Item:
iOS Custom Profile
Then you can type the Name of the Profile and Import the XML-file created with the Apple Configurator:
iOS custom profile
You can also select to remediate the Profile Settings.

That’s it for the Moment…

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