Intune – New Company Store as appx

Last week I was surprised to find the Windows Intune Company Portal as a APPX file on the download area of the Microsoft Homepage. So I thought that it should be possible to use this Company Portal in the SCCM integrated Intune Scenario, rather than the old xap-File.

But I was not able to find any Information about that Topic. So I faced the following Problems: When try to sign the application, you will get the error, that the Publisher in the APPX is not the same as in the code signing Certificate (How it would, the Publisher of the APPX is Microsoft, and I don’t have a code signing certificate with a Microsoft subject).

And the second Problem is, that the Intune Connector only allows you to add a xap based Application. The Usage of the new APPX is as follows: When you are using Intune Standalone, and you are blocking Access to the Store, the users wont get the Company Portal. For this purpose, you should be able to use the appx-Version of the Company Portal, to use this, instead of the store one.

But I still not know, how to sign this Appx by yourself. See here for the announcement of the Company Portal App: Just another point: Peter van der Woude has a very good blog post published last week about the Scenarios of the Windows Phone Company App deployments:


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