Create a encrypted Volume (VHD/VHDX) on your OneDrive

Hi all,

I was longer on a search, how to use the space on my OneDrive in a easy and in my view secure way, which means I want to save the Data encrypted on the One Drive.
And I found a very easy solution which works for me. Let’s start by opening the Disk Management and start to create a VHD:
Create VHD
Then click on Browse, and just open your OneDrive from the list, in my case, I decided to create a Subfolder. I also selected to create a VHDX file with a size of 10GB (respecting the Maximum File Size of OneDrive), expandable:
Create VHD wizard
When the file is created, you can go on, and intialize the disk:
Intialize Disk
You can then go on and create a Partition on the disk and Format it. When you have assigned a Drive letter to it, you can go ahead and activate Bitlocker on the Volume:
TurnOn Bitlocker
Then you can set the Passwort for the BitLocker encrypted volume, or you can also ouse your Smartcard:
Bitlocker Password
Then you can safe or print your key:
Save BitLocker Key
Now it is time to start the encryption:
Start encryption
This should not take Long, and your Volume will be protected:
Encryption complete
Now it is time to use your new volume and copy data 🙂
Hope this helps

2 thoughts on “Create a encrypted Volume (VHD/VHDX) on your OneDrive

  1. Every time you mount the VHD and modify it, onedrive has to synchronize the entire drive, no CBT level synchronizing yet… 😦

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