SCCM 2012 – Run Console on an iPad

Hey, here is Martin again. I just was missing the SCCM relation of the Last Blog Post, that is why, I add this one, just to Show, that it is possible to run a SCCM Console on a iPad (not natively of course).
First you have to open the RemoteApp and add your Azure RemoteApps:
Azure RemoteApp on iPad

When this is done, you can click on the specified Application, in this case “SCCM 2012 R2 Console”, and the Application will open:
SCCM is connecting

And you are able to use the SCCM Console on your iPad:
AzureRemoteAppSCCM_004 AzureRemoteAppSCCM_006

If you are asking yourself, how this is done, please refer to my last Blog Post:

Have an excellent day 🙂

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