SCCM 2012 R2 – Create your own Windows Phone 8.1 App and deploy it with SCCM/Intune

Hey, here’s Martin.

Today I decided to create a simple App to demonstrate how you can deploy our own Apps within System Center 2012 Configuration Manager R2 connected to Microsoft Intune.

Before you begin: Be sure that you have a Code Signing Certificate for windows mobile Devices.

Everything starts with Visual Studio Express 2013 for Windows, you can get it for free from Microsoft.

After the Installation you can start a new Project, mind to select Blank Windows Phone App and as Language C#:
New Project

In the opened window, just double-click “MainPage.xaml” to open the Main Screen of the App. You will then see the Code for the main Page, and an emulated Screen, which is not always accurate for displaying.
Then simply Take a TextBlock from the Toolbox to the emulated Screen:
Add TextBlock

Now click on the Line of the code from the TextBlock, and Change the values as you want for the message and the size of the message:
Modify Text

Everything is done, you can now test your Application in the Emulator by clicking on this Button in the upper section:

When all is working, go on, and build your App for Deployment through Configuration Manager 2012. Go to “Store and choose “Create App Packages…”:
Create App Package

In the first Screen of the wizard, choose no, because we don’t want to upload our app to the store:
First Step

Choose where to save the App Package and if needed your versioning, and that’s it:

Now we Need to sign our application Package. This is done with the following command and the SignTool.exe resides in the Windows Kit Installation Folder. So my command was:

"C:Program Files (x86)Windows Kits8.1binx64signtool.exe" sign /fd SHA256 /a /f [Path to Cert] /p [PW of Cert] [Path to Application]
So as an example

"C:Program Files (x86)Windows Kits8.1binx64signtool.exe" sign /fd SHA256 /a /f c:tempcert.pfx /p supersafe C:tempsimpleApp.appx

If you are getting an error, you can go to the Event-Log, under “Application and Services”MicrosoftWindowsAppxPackagingOM you will find more information. Most likely, your Publisher in the App is not the same like from the cert. Then just modify in your “Package.appxmanifest” the Publisher as shown in the Event-Log:
Modify Publisher

When you have corrected this, you can create the Application Package again, and then you should be able to successfully sign the Application:

You can then now go on and add the Application to SCCM:
Create Application Wizard

You can now Change Information like the Name of the App:
Configure Application

Close the wizard by clicking Next twice. Your next step should be to distribute the Application to the Intune Distribution Point, you can do that also afterwards with the deployment wizard:
Distribute Content

I don’t show the deployment wizard, because we should have done this a lot of times already, don’t we? Anyway, mind that you can also choose to create a required deployment, when your Mobile Devices are configured for Company owned.

Now we can log in to our Company Store on the phone, and Install our application:
CreateApp13 CreateApp14 CreateApp15 CreateApp16 CreateApp17

When the Installation was successful you can start your application from the menu:
CreateApp18 CreateApp19

Hope this helps.

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