SCCM 2012 R2 MDM – Deploy an Apple ipa file to an iOS Device – The complete Guide

Hey, here’s Martin again. Today I would like to write down what is needed to deploy an Application to a iOS Device.

First, get on the Hard Facts:
-SCCM 2012 R2 with Intune Subscription and activated Apple Mobile Device Management ( )
-An .ipa file build as Enterprise or Ad-Hoc
-The iPhone Configuration Utility to create the
-.plist File
-knowledge that the apps will not appear in the Company store!

So let us start with the Application received from the developer. Be sure that the app is created as Enterprise or Ad-Hoc, and not for the Public store (referring to ):

If this prerequisite is matched, you can go on and create your .plist file. For this, you will Need the iPhone Configuration Utility to get the necessary Information. You can download the iPhone Configuration Utility 3.6.2 Windows Version here:

Install and open the iPhone Configuration Utility. Navigate to Application and add your application. To be able to add, Change the Name of the .ipa to .zip, and extract the zip file to a Folder. Then you can add this Folder to the iPhone Configuration Utility:
iPhone Configuration Utility add

When this is done, you can get the necessary Information to write your .plist file, I usually Name the plist same as the application. You have to modify three lines of this file:
plist ipa example
Here is the Content of the file:

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>
<!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC “-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN” “”&gt;
<plist version=”1.0″>


When you have created your plist file, just add it to the Folder of your ipa file:
add plist to folder of ipa

Now you can add your ipa to SCCM:
ipa wizard 01
Important Information will be shown (if they’re really imported has to be decided by the Reader…):
ipa wizard 02
The in the last step, you can configure the Information shown in the web Portal:
ipa wizard 03

When the application is added, you can deploy the application to a specific collection, in this process, you are required to distribute the Content to the Distribution Point, which stands for the Intune DP. And you can also decide, if the deployment is required or only available. Mind that required deployments only works on devices which are marked as Company owned, to mark a device as Company owned, right-click the device, and choose “Change Ownership”:
choose ownership of mobile device
In the upcoming wizard, you can select “Company”, and required deployments will work:
choose ownership company
Choose the correct DP when deploying:
And if you are Managing the ownership of the mobile devices, your are able to decide to deploy the application required or available:
deployment type required mdm

Now you can go on to your iPad, and visit with your Safari, the Company Portal web application will appear. If not already done, you can add your device to SCCM/Intune now, to be able to be managed. Again, mind that the apps will not be shown in the Company App Portal by Apple policy (refer to this Forum post of wally: )
My iPad is in German, so I have to click on “Apps erhalten” to get a list of the available Apps:
Get Apps
Then I can select one of my Apps:
select application
By clicking on “Installieren”, the app will be tried to get installed. The user receives the following message, which asks for consent to install the app:
install app consent
You can see the Installation Progress on the home Screen:
home screen
Again as important reminder, if you got it until this Point, and the application will not successfully be installed, ask your developer, if the application is really not build as a store app, and not Enterprise or Ad-Hoc as it should (see above).

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