SCCM 2012 R2 – Windows Phone 8.1 Compliance Rules

Today I looked for the new security settings for iOS 7, which are available through the new Windows Intune Extension “iOS 7 Security Settings”, so a searched for Screen, to see, what Options are available:
Windows Phone 8.1 Compliance
But because I don’t know what was available before, and I don’t want to compare the compliance Settings before and after enabling the extension, I just decided to make something different from writing a post about the new iOS 7 security possibilites. But right before I closed the compliance rule browser, I noticed an interesting Detail, did you noticed it too? Let me Highlight it for you:
Windows Phone 8.1 Compliance rule
Microsoft has already Updated the System Center 2012 Configuration Manager R2 Console for the new security Settings which will be available for the upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 release. This also means, that the Business or Management Pack Update is included in the Windows Phone 8.1 release.
Let us look for other Settings:
Windows Phone 8.1 Compliance Rules 01
Windows Phone 8.1 Compliance Rules 01
Security options, or Compliance Settings called in SCCM 2012, like disabling the camera will be possible with Windows Phone 8.1. I’m very satisfied to know, that the Windows Phone Devices just Need the update to 8.1 🙂

Cheers, Martin

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