SCCM 2012 R2 – Create Virtual Hard Disk (VHD)

One of the new Features Microsoft is bringing with System Center 2012 Configuration Manager R2 is the capability to create a VHD out of an Task Sequence with operating System deployment. This allows you to simplify your process of a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. It is not possible to create a vhdx, but after creation you can convert your vhd if you like to, use this blog if you Need help for this:

In this blog, I would like to Show how you create a vhd, and what the requirements are.
You will Need a Computer or Server, which has a Hyper-V Role installed. On Client side you can use a Windows 8 or later and on Server side you can use a Windows Server 2008 R2 or later (
If your machine meets the requirements, you can install the SCCM Console, to create the Task sequence and the VHD afterwards. You can start with the wizard of “Create Task sequence” and select “Install an existing Image package to a virtual hard disk”:
Create VHD Task sequence
The process of creating the Task sequence is very similar to a normal Task sequence, and I’m not pointing this out. When your Task Sequence is created, you can start to create your virtual hard disk:
Start create vhd wizard
This Option is not selectable or grayed out, when you not have installed a supported Hyper-V Version. I used my Client with Windows 8.1. The wizard starts, and you have to give some Information for creating the VHD:
Creat VHD Wizard
Click on Browse to select your Task sequence created before, and you will see the installed Software:
Add your preferred Distribution Point to the List:
Create VHD select DP
In the last step, you have the well-known Options to set before the Task sequence starts:
Create VHD wizard
In the last step, you will see the summary, and by clicking on Next, the Console starts the necessary commands, to create a VHD to the Location you want:
Create VHD wizard summary
First you will be asked for administrative rights, and then you will see the Progress:
Create VHD process 01
Create VHD process 02
You can even open the virtual machine through Hyper-V Manager and view the Progress of the Task Sequence:
Viurtal Machine TS progress
Be Aware, the vhd will be created in the AppDataLocal, so you should have enough space on your System drive. It does not care about the Setting in Hyper-V Manger where to create new Virtual Machines.
You should then receive a success Status from the wizard:
Create VHD success
Your created virtual hard disc is also shown in the console, where you can upload it directly to virtual machine Manager:
Created VHD

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