SCCM 2012 – Extend Value List in Query

Did you ever had the Problem, that when you created a query, let’s say you wanted to know, if the Software inventory has found a executable named zune.exe. So you go to your System Center 2012 Configuration Manager Console and create a new query by navigate to “MonitoringQueriesCreate Query”:
Create QueryThe “Create Query Wizard” appears, click on “Edit Query Statement”:
Create Query Wizard
On the tab “General” click on the star, and select “Name” from “System resource, and click “OK” thrice:
The Gerenal Tab should then Looks like this:
Query - General filled
Then Change to the tab “Criteria”, also click on the star and create a new criterion by clicking on “Select…” and choose “Software Files” and “File Name”:
Query - Criteria
Click OK and choose the Operator, in my case a “is Like” Operator is good enough, because I want to see all executables starting with the letter Z:
Query - Criterion Properties
But now lets check, if there are some executables starting with letter Z before I use the query. I can simply click on “Value…” to see all the possible Values:
Query - Value List open
As you might recognize on the Print Screen, the following Error Message appears:

The operation was completed successfully, but the information list has been truncated to the maximum configured count of 2000 items.
For Information about how to increase the Maximum result value, see Configuration Manager Help

This means, that not all values are shown in the following box, as I can see, there is no executable starting with Z, but those are only missing in this GUI, not in the database:
Query - Value Box
Now, you could look for the SCCM help, or just follow this simple step:
Add a DWORD to the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\ConfigMgr10\AdminUI\QueryProcessors with Name “Valuelimit” and a Value of HEX 20000, on 32-bit Systems, the Key is HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\ConfigMgr10\AdminUI\QueryProcessors:
Registry Value
After this, you’re able to see the whole list, and also the message isn’t shown anymore:
Query List full

hope this helps 🙂

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