SCCM 2012 – To CAS or not to CAS, that is the question

System Center 2012 Configuration Manager ist now available nearly since more than 1 and a half-year, and the biggest question to start a new Project is to decide wether to build a hierarchy with a Central Administration Site (CAS) or without. Read more, that you can consider if you want to build a CAs or not.
First: You should no what you have to achieve!

Those are the Hard Facts for choosing to build a CAS:
-Number of Devices to manage is over 100’000 (you should know that the CAS has also a Limit which is reached at 400’000 devices)
-If you have to make sure, that a Software package does not leave a specific border

For mostly everthing else, a CAS would be the wrong decision. Remind that a SCCM 2012 CAS is not the same like an SCCM 2007 CAS. The most important Thing is to know, what is globally synchronized data:

For placing the Servers (SCCM and SQL) refer to this blogpost:

Hope this helps, Martin.

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