SCCM 2012 – Install Console on remote client

Update June 9 2013: See new SP1 post:

Because the RC2 entry about the Installation of the System Center 2012 Configuration Manager Console is often read, I will give an update to the final.

It is now well documented and still very easy: (Refer to “To install a Configuration Manager console from a command prompt”)

To make it short: Use the following paramters to install the console, the installation files still resides in “[SCCMInstallationDirectory]toolsConsoleSetup”, take both, the AdminConsole.msi and ConsoleSetup.exe:
"ConsoleSetup.exe" /q TargetDir="%programfiles%SCCM2012Console" EnableSQM=0 DefaultSiteServerName=FQDNSiteServer

Those three parameters are necessary. For uninstall, just choose the product code from AdminConsole.msi.

2 thoughts on “SCCM 2012 – Install Console on remote client

  1. Just a heads up don’t copy and past the code above, the quotes don’t copy properly and will give you errors during installation! 🙂

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