SCCM 2012 RC2 – Install Console on Remote Client / Language Pack

The new release candidate 2 (RC2) is available, and there are small changes on this topic.
First, I would like to say, that the installation of a SCCM Client/Console language is very easy. For the client, you cannot change the user interface language for itself, but it changes it’s language based on the “Display language” of Windows 7.
So that means, you can deploy the SCCM client with the languages you want, after this, install the Windows 7 language pack, change your display language, logoff/login, and after this you will get your SCCM client in the langauge of your choice.
For germans, this is an example, you might already want to learn, what those translations could mean.

SCCM 2012 client german language

And this one, I hope they will change it until RTM (This means, that the IT employees themselfs need a softwareupdate):

Eine Tütte Deutsch für MS

But now, lets make the new application for the SCCM 2012 console. And I don’t know why, but Microsoft has decided to remove the german language in RC2 for console, but not for the client, there is a closed case on the connect portal. Before you can install the SCCM 2012 RC2 console, you have to install the .Net Framework 4.0. But no worries, just create your .Net 4 Apllication, and configure it as a depency of the console application. So if the user wants to, or has to, install the console, the .Net 4 apllication is executed before, and you do not need an deployment for it. Lets have a closer look, the first screen shows the installation program of the .Net 4 application.

But more interesting, if you want to make an application, but you haven’t an MSI, you have to specfy how the product is detected on a machine, that means, “is .Net 4 already installed?”. Well, when you execute the .Net 4 installer with switch /? you can then copy the installation files from your temp directory to another location. Just take the core msi-file as base for the MSI product code.
Detection method

If this is done, you can start with your console application. Copy the install files to your Package source location, the console installation files resides in [SCCM2012InstallDirectory]toolsConsoleSetup (The files are also on the installation source below SMSSETUPBINI386). Inside the installation folder, there is also an executable to install the console, the installation is quiet easy. My installation and uninstallation program are these:
msiexec /i “AdminConsole.msi” DEFAULTSITESERVERNAME=”ServerName.domain.TLD” TARGETDIR=”%programfiles%SCCM2012RC2console” /qn
msiexec /x {32DD20EC-FAF8-43E7-AAC5-E0E8ABF47AB6} /q
Be aware, if you omit to use TargetDir, the installation tries to install on a root of a drive, and if you only have one drive/partition, the installation will fail.
After that, you only have to configure the depency:
And everthing works as expected. And at last, how to install a SCCM 2012 console with a language pack? When a language pack was added to the SCCM Server, the console installation becomes a subdirectory for the language packs, it’s name ist “LangPack”. Be aware, otherwise than the client, the installation of the SCCM Console with a langauge pack will fail, if the language is not already installed as langauge pack on Windows 7. My installation parameter for the console are the following:
msiexec /i “AdminConsole.msi” DEFAULTSITESERVERNAME=”ServerName.domain.TLD” TRANSFORMS=”LanguagePackALP1031.mst” Patch=”LanguagePackALP1031.msp” TARGETDIR=”%programfiles%SCCM2012RC2console” /qn

As I said, unfortunately, the console itself is not german, but everthing else:
And if you have problem with connecting to your newly SCCM RC2 server, because you already had a console installed directing on the old RC1 which is already decommissioned, just delete or change the items in the following registry key:
HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftConfigMgr10Admin UIMRU1

I hope you could use this post 🙂

Edit cause of comment input:
If you like to install the console with the setup exe, just use the /script switch as described here:

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  1. Using AdminConsole.msi is not supported to install the console. consolesetup.exe has to be used instead.

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