SCCM 2012 RC – Install Console on remote client

How to deploy the System Center Configuration Manager 2012 console to clients:

1. Create an Application for SCCM 2012 Console
2. Copy the install files to your Package source location, the console installation files resides in [SCCM2012InstallDirectory]toolsConsoleSetup (The file is also on the installation source below SMSSETUPBINI386). Inside the installation folder, there is also an executable to install the console.
3. Add an MSI deployment type, and chose the “AdminConsole.msi”, as “Installation program” use:
msiexec /i “adminconsole.msi” DEFAULTSITESERVERNAME=”[YourSCCMServer-FQHN]” TargetDir=”%programfiles%SCCM2012Console” /qn

If you omit to use “TargetDir”, the Installation will fail.

2012 01 28 Edit:
The explanation above is for release candiate 1 (RC1), please refer this post for RC2:

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